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Mark and Carol Hewitt in one of the large kilns
on their restored farm and pottery studio

Letter from the editor

a snow story

I once was caught on a Midwest highway in a snowstorm so thick that, within minutes of the first flakes on the windshield, there were more cars stuck on the side of the road than were still moving. My dad and I took the first off-ramp we came to and somehow skidded into the parking lot of a convenience store.

As we paid for coffee and snacks, the bell over the door rang and a local farmer stumbled in, beating snow off his boots and jacket. The clerk seemed to know the farmer and said, “They say we may get 6 inches.”

“Well,” he answered, “they better come pick some up.”

I thought about that farmer a lot last month. As you may have noticed, Chatham caught a record snowstorm in January. When it finally stopped, my 8-year-old daughter stuck a yardstick in our front lawn that went in all the way to 13 inches. You probably have a similar story: a buried car, a lost boot, a dog up to its ears. Whatever it was, you probably found yourself muttering some version of my farmer friend’s lament: “I wish they’d come pick some up.”

But here’s another story from that long-ago storm: My dad and I were on that snowy highway because I was racing toward a writing job that, at the time, felt like the opportunity of a lifetime. As the snow fell last month, I had the same feeling again.

This marks my first issue as editor of Chatham Magazine. My wife and I have lived here with our two daughters for almost six years, and I’m so excited for our pages to reflect the warmth, exuberance and surprises we find here every day. In this issue, we check in on a pair of fitness groups – one for men, one for women – in downtown Pittsboro, find the secret source of all the Girl Scout cookies sold in Chatham County and offer a list of local summer camps (pg. 60) for every kind of kid. We also visit Mark and Carol Hewitt’s home, a gorgeous, restored farm where Mark creates world-famous pottery. And we share in photos the sheer joy that kids can find in an unexpected blizzard.

In this issue and the ones still to come, we’re going to bring you Chatham stories. Like my friend on the highway, I hope you’ll come pick some up.

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