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‘into one place’


s we thought about a theme for our Summer Fun issue, we weren’t looking for Scripture. But the creation of the seas in Genesis 1:9 – “let the waters below the heavens be gathered into one place” – kept popping into my head. I hope you’ll see why as you read this month’s issue exploring the waters around Chatham.

The stories our writers and photographers found aren’t really about water so much as they are about people – families, friends, like-minded volunteers – gathering on the waters around us. Pittsboro writer Corbie Hill takes a canoe trip on the Haw River (pg. 30). I expected he would run some rapids, do a few hip snap rolls out of danger and come back soaked, bruised and bragging. Instead, his young family watched an eagle chase an osprey across the sky as he peeled back connections between river time with his daughters, 8 and 6, and his wife’s childhood growing up on the Haw.

Photographer Briana Brough captures images of a family and friends’ unique view of Jordan Lake from their houseboat (pg. 38). Sadly, those pictures are Briana’s farewell assignment as the insanely talented head photographer and visual director for Chatham Magazine and our sister publications, Chapel Hill Magazine and Durham Magazine. If you think you like the way our magazines look, what you actually like is how Briana makes the magazines look.

Finally, we visit Grimsley Hobbs and his family’s homestead at Baldwin’s Mill (pg. 44). The mill is a working, breathing heirloom: Bought by Grimsley’s grandfather, restored by his father, it’s now his home along with his son and grandchildren.

And I shouldn’t leave out our morning in late March with Clean Jordan Lake, a local nonprofit, as about 80 volunteers pulled 200 bags of trash and dozens of car tires from a remote stretch of shoreline (pg. 16).

Summer is for fun in the sun, and I hope you find time for watery adventures that leave you soaked, bruised and bragging. But I also hope the long, warm days give us all time to collect our family and friends together, gathered into one place.

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