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the women’s issue, explained


he best way to describe our first Women’s Issue (page 36) is by explaining what it’s not:
A competition with winners, losers, finalists, tie-breakers and so on.

Rather, we set out to profile a group of outstanding women in our community. As our staff puts together each issue, meeting as many faces in as many corners of Chatham as we can, we keep a constantly updated list of women we know, women we hear of and – this is the common denominator, I guess – women we admire.

Chatham is a place that is, in so many ways, defined by the women who live here. The mayor of our largest town, two of our five Chatham County Board of Commissioners and our newest judge are all women, two of whom you’ll meet inside. Our renowned art and music scenes – from Chatham’s deep folk art traditions to its rock ’n’ roll – are rich with female creativity. In this issue, you’ll meet women who’ve taught Chatham to dance for a decade and who can mix us a drink at their own distillery. And courageous? We meet two young women unafraid to compete in ‘boys’ sports, and a woman unafraid to welcome perhaps the most vulnerable among us – babies born to women in jail – into her own home.

The conversations we have as we select the handful of women we have space to showcase are fascinating. Everyone on staff contributes their thoughts until we all agree on the final list. When we were done, we had far more deserving candidates – more women we admire – than we had space for. It feels terrible to leave anyone out, but it also makes me excited for next year.

But we can’t be everywhere or know everyone – send me your nominations. I promise, we will consider each and every candidate.

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